Penisole capsules is a natural supplement for increasing penis size in males.

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Penisole capsules

What is this herebal medicine?

Penisole is a strong blood flow stimulator which helps to force extra blood into the chambers of your penis during arousal. Over an extended period of time, usually 90 days, this continuous forcing of extra blood into the chambers slowly expands them and may cause your penis to increase in size, stamina, pleasure and staying power.

What are the ingredients of this herbal medicine?

Each Penisole capsule contains:

  • Withania somnifere (Winter Cherry) - 100mg
  • Mucuna pruriens (Cowhage) - 100mg
  • Asparagus racemosus - 100mg
  • Strychnous nux vomica - 25mg
  • Makardhwaj - 25mg
  • Anacycluspyrethrum(Spanish pellitory) - 20mg
  • Curculigo orchioides (Black musale) - 20mg
  • Hyoscyamus niger (Henbane) - 20mg
  • Black bitumen(mineral pitch) - 20mg
  • Purified Trivang - 20mg
  • Pureria tuberosa (Fabaceae) - 20mg
  • Orchis Latifolia (Salep Orchid) - 10mg
  • Purified Swaran makshik - 10mg
  • Jund-e-badester - 5mg
  • Crocus sativus (Saffron) - 5mg

How Does It Work?

Penisole increases blood flow to the penis and promotes the secretion of sexual hormones. It also increases sex drive and helps improve general vitality.

The effects of Penisole include:

  • increased sexual desire and stamina
  • better control over premature ejaculation
  • harder erections
  • penis enlargement
  • increase in general confidence and vitality

What you must know in taking Herbal Supplements

In our modern era, many people are now beginning to be more aware of what they put and take in their body. Clean living is what people are now living for. Most additives that are advertised today are actually in fact, not necessary. It goes along with artificial colors and chemical preservatives. An example of these is the harsh pesticides used in plants in our environment. These pesticides give growth to plants for food use. But worry no more! Unlike this pesticides and chemical substances, we do things differently. We know you think that it is quite trickery for a company to sell and advertise an herbal supplement that is under the appearance of promotion of health that have harmful chemicals inside. We assure you that the capsules we present are made up with 100% natural ingredients.

It is true that you can improve your health trough herbal supplements but only with the fact that what you are taking in is free from any damaging chemicals. Even if the chemicals are found in the included plant materials (in terms of pesticides and fertilizers that are applied for growth effects) or those additives from the factory, it all doesn’t count to be safe and effective! It will always be considered as bad for your system and body regulations. In contrast with that, when you have selected and start using in a completely natural herbal male enhancement supplement such as Penisole, say goodbye to stress and other harmful matters in your body because only goodness and health is what you will feel.

Over-all Safety Measures

Just in case you have an occurring liver or kidney disease, it is better to consult your doctor or health provider first before taking in any herbal supplements. Also make sure that your trusted health provider is always updated with a list of all the medicines, herbs, non-prescription drugs and dietary supplements that you are using.

Administration of Penisole

Always use your Penisole on your regular daily basis. It is advised to take only two capsules a day after a meal. The effect of Penisole is increasing and so the longer you take the supplement, the more satisfying result you will feel.

What Side Effects May I Notice?

There are no negative side effects as all ingredients are natural. The only thing you should do - not to overdose!

Where should I keep my medicine?

Keep the pack in a dark cool place, dry , but not hot. Keep away from children and pets.

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