Yagara (also famous under other generic title as Herbal Viagra) is a natural remedy used to fight with such horrible sexual disorder as erectile dysfunction. This natural ed treatment also has properties that help women who have issues with low libido or stamina.
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  • VPXL è una delle soluzioni del mondo `s più popolari naturali di ingrandimento del pene. VPXL è miscela assolutamente sicuro di prodotti di erboristeria che aumenta il tuo pene 1-4 pollici di 4-6 mesi. E 'bene funziona sia circoncisi, come non circoncisi.

  • Derivato da un’esclusiva formula erboristica della medicina tradizionale indiana, Naron è un tonico vaginale sotto forma di crema medicata erboristica per uso vaginale. Naron produce un effetto contratturante sui muscoli vaginali lisci, che perdono tono ed elasticità a seguito di parti successivi, menopausa o anche di aborti frequenti, che causano quindi allentamento, fragilità e fiacchezza delle pareti vaginali.

  • Amalaki is highly nutritious and is an important dietary source of vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. The dominant active constituent of Amalaki is a group of tannins derived from gallic and ellagic acids, which make up a large portion of the extractable nonnutritive constituents. All of these constituents work together to enhance immunity, rejuvenate skin, combat premature aging and hyperacidity.

  • Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) extracts have been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. The bark of the tree has been used for several centuries for treating cardiovascular ailments. It has a host of other therapeutic benefits including treating asthma, hypertension and kidney stones.

Yagara capsule

What is this herbal medicine?

Herbal YAGARA is a natural ed treatment that has become well-known for ages for its ability to have the same effects on male impotence (erectile dysfunction or ED) as other natural ed remedies such as Viagra, but because it is natural and gentle, it has no side effects. This natural ed treatment also has properties that help women who have issues with low libido or stamina. If you’ve ever listened all the way through the ads for herbal alternative medicine designed to decrease impotence and increase performance, you’ve noticed a huge variety of side effects and potential problems listed at the end. With this natural ed treatment (a close relative of better known Kamagra), you can kick the problem of potency without the side effects. Yagara may cure erectile dysfunction while increasing stamina and potency. It has been known to help women and men with issues related to libido and drive. Some have reported that yagara also helps improve mood, though it has been argued that this is a positive side effect of it’s main effects!

Yagara ingredients and composition

The potent but completely safe Yagara capsules contain hand-picked herbs that many generations of Asian culture have valued for boosting sexual performance and pleasure. Our product is made from pesticide-free plants for the highest health benefits. You’ll feel much better taking Yagara instead of those chemically-produced pharmaceuticals. The natural ingredients boost general health — and you don’t need a prescription! Each Yagara capsule contains a specially formulated blend of pesticide-free, fresh herbs that are selected individually to guarantee the highest quality. Our production facility uses the strictest standards for the cleanliness and overall compliance we are committed to. We guarantee that each customer will be satisfied with our product’s quality.

  • Ashwagandha / Libido Booster: This powerhouse herb restores male vitality, boosting libido, stamina, and fertility. It also reduces stress and anxiety — the two worst enemies of sexual function. Men in southern Asia have long valued its capability not only for sex performance but also as a general health supplement.
  • Kavach Beej / Testosterone Raiser: The stimulating reaction of kavach beej fixes a wide range of sexual issues. It raises testosterone production, increasing sperm count and stamina. It also promotes body control, letting you hold off climax until the right time. Older men especially value this herb as a cure for impotence and age-related loss of vigor.
  • Shilajit / Control Keeper: This mountain-grown herb helps you stay rock-hard as long as you want to. Its high mineral content strengthens the brain-body connection, meaning better control. Other benefits include stress reduction, better digestion, and increased prostate health.

Side Effects

While Yagara has few known side effects, please be sure to read and follow the disclaimer below.


While Yagara often works right away, it may be a month or more of taking yagara every day before you feel the full effect. This is particularly true if you are taking yagara for its effects on low libido – whether you are a woman or man. Be sure to buy a preparation where the only active ingredient is yagara. Some preparations designed to fix erectile dysfnction or imrpove libido list yagara prominently, but contain other active ingredients. In many cases these herbal remediesdilute the effect of yagara.

How Taken

Given its additive effect on ED, potency, and low libido, it is best to fall into a Yagara regimin where you take it at the same time each day, like with a certain meal. Even though it is a treatment that addresses potency and erectile dysfunction, it does not have to be taken at night or immediately before relations. (Another benefit of yagara as a remedy)

Missed Dose

Just get back on your regimen if you miss a dose. A missed dose every once in a while will not matter at all– do not double up after a missed dose, there is no need.


Keep yagara away heat and moisture, and be sure it is out of reach of children. While not a “dangerous” herbal home remedy, keep it safe. Most health food stores sell child-proof bottles if you need to put your yagara in something safe.

Important Warnings and Precautions

Make sure to let your doctor know you are going to take Yagara or kamagra, and also make sure your doctor knows if you are having serious problems with ED or potency. You want to be sure that your Erectile dysfunction or potency issue is not being caused by a larger medical issue. There may be specific side effects with treatments you are currently taking or with your general condition as well.

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